OD Cross Seam Welding Machine++ products ++ OD Cross Seam Welding Machine
Machine used in SAW pipe manufacturing plants for welding the cross seam.

Pipe dimensions
  Diameter - 18" to 100"
  Length - 8000 mm to 12500 mm

No. of installations - 3
Sheet Destacker
  In-line Brazing Machine
  Sheet Destacker
  Ultrasonic Testing Machine
  Insert Packing
  Index Brazing Machine
  Material Handling System
  Powder Deposition by Plazma
  Sticker / Tattoo Insertion
Machine for Food Industry
  Carbide Insert Sorting
  Saw Pipe ID-OD Welding
  OD Cross Seam Welding Machine
  Ultrasonic Testing For ERW Pipes