Plasma Spray Handling++ products ++ Powder Deposition by Plazma
Year of manufacturing– 2003

Machine manufactured to handle the graphite trays, while it is plasma sprayed.
Gantry System
  Twin gantry system
  Operates in extremely hot environment (Plasma sprayed at 6500 c)
  Auto loading and unloading of graphite plates on to spray station
  Cam operated tray rotation and linear movement, suitable for `constant layer’ of powder
  Interface with plasma spraying system
  In-line Brazing Machine
  Sheet Destacker
  Ultrasonic Testing Machine
  Insert Packing
  Index Brazing Machine
  Material Handling System
  Powder Deposition by Plazma
  Sticker / Tattoo Insertion
Machine for Food Industry
  Carbide Insert Sorting
  Saw Pipe ID-OD Welding
  OD Cross Seam Welding Machine
  Ultrasonic Testing For ERW Pipes