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X-ray cabinet system with 4-axis manipulator

No. of installations in India 10

Pipe Handling For Fluoroscopy
Cabinet System Used For X-Ray Scanning Of Cast Industrial Components
  Four Axis Manipulator For The Test Component
  Remote joy stick controls with variable speed for all the axes.
  Lead Sandwiched Cabinet
  Close Circuit TV For Monitoring The movements
  Manual / Automatic Door Operations (optional)
Pick And Place System
Cabinet system used for x-ray scanning of castings/fuses.
  Four axis manipulator for the test component.
  Remote joy stick operations with variable speeds for all the axes.
  Lead sandwiched cabinet for protection against hazardous radiations.
  CCTV for live monitoring of the movements inside cabinet.
  Manual / Automatic Door operations (optional)
  In-line Brazing Machine
  Sheet Destacker
  Ultrasonic Testing Machine
  Insert Packing
  Index Brazing Machine
  Material Handling System
  Powder Deposition by Plazma
  Sticker / Tattoo Insertion
Machine for Food Industry
  Carbide Insert Sorting
  Saw Pipe ID-OD Welding
  OD Cross Seam Welding Machine
  Ultrasonic Testing For ERW Pipes