Vacuum Handling++ products ++ Material Handling System
Sheet / Plate gantry type pick and place system

Machine manufactured to handle aluminum plates weighing up to 2000 kgs
  Vacuum Pick & place system
  Fail safe operations in case of power failure
  No `post operation’ marks on the plate
  Electronically interlocked with rolling mill, sheet stretcher, Sheet polishing and Ultrasonic testing machines for safe operations
Gantry Systems

Wagon For Handling HSAW & LSAW Pipes
  Pipe Size dia 406 mm to 3760 mm
  Robust Design For Handling 25 Ton Pipe Weight
  Wagon with servo controls for synchronisation.   Hydraulic Ejector Arms And Lifters.
  Conveyor Rollers For Linear Positioning Of Pipes.   Interface with welding equipment.
  Feedback Of Actual Welding Speed   Application – Ultrasonic Testing, Fluoroscopy, ID & OD Welding, Pipe Inspection.
  Interface With UT Machine    
Industrial Automation

Handling System For Fluoroscopy
  Pipe Size dia 406 mm to 3760 mm
  Pipe Length – 12500 Mm
  Cantilever Boom 16 M Long   Manipulator for imaging unit and cantilever boom.
  Servo Controlled Wagon For Handling The Pipe In Synchronised Spiral Motion   Paint Marking System
  Online Pipe Length Display   Safety Interlocks For Radiation Zone
  Live CCTV videos for continuous monitoring.    
Machine Manufacturing Firm
Hot Slab Handling System

Hot Slab Handling System
Machine manufactured to handle Aluminum slabs weighing upto 5000 kg.
  Synchronized Mechanical Arms.
  Fail Safe Operations, In Case Of Power Failure
  Electrical Centering Mechanism.   Plate temperature: - >200 deg.
Cross Seam Welding Machine
  In-line Brazing Machine
  Ultrasonic Testing Machine
  Index Brazing Machine
  Material Handling System
  Carbide Insert Sorting
  Saw Pipe ID-OD Welding
  OD Cross Seam Welding Machine
  Ultrasonic Testing For ERW Pipes