Brazing Machine++ products ++ Cabinet
X-ray cabinet system with Multi axis manipulator

No. of installations in India and Abroad - More than 50

Pipe Handling For Fluoroscopy
Cabinet System Used For X-Ray Scanning Of Cast Industrial Components
  Customised Multi Axis Manipulator For The Test Component
  Remote joystick / Programmable controls with variable speed for all the axes.
  Lead Sandwiched Cabinet
  Close Circuit TV For Monitoring The movements
  Manual / Automatic Door Operations (optional)
Pick And Place System
  In-line Brazing Machine
  Ultrasonic Testing Machine
  Index Brazing Machine
  Material Handling System
  Carbide Insert Sorting
  Saw Pipe ID-OD Welding
  OD Cross Seam Welding Machine
  Ultrasonic Testing For ERW Pipes